At Westmont Christian Church, we believe that the worship of God is not confined to our sanctuary, or even our building.

True worship of God can take place anywhere with the people of God. With that in mind, this year Westmont created a hospitality team, whose purpose is to help create an atmosphere in which our church (the people, not the building) can grow in faith as soon as they walk in the doors of our building.

Our hope is that you will feel welcomed and comfortable here. We invite you to come early for worship and hang out with some of the people that make up our family of God. We offer coffee and donuts most mornings. And, we invite you to share and partake in conversation. We know walking into a new place can be scary and uncomfortable, so be you and go at your own pace.

We also know that the potential friends and family that you will meet here will last a lifetime…we know, because it has happened to us all. Welcome to Westmont. We are glad you’re here. Pull up a seat, grab some coffee and a donut and get to know someone new…or get to know someone deeper…and in-the-midst of the relationships you forge here, we know you will experience the grace, hope, and love of Jesus Christ.