Worship is a chance for each of us to experience God’s presence in the midst of our community of faith. At Westmont, we strive to provide an atmosphere in worship where each of us can receive the pouring out of God’s Spirit in our lives and, in turn, pour out ourselves to God.

Rev. Dean Roy, our Assistant Minister of Administration and Music, does a wonderful job of blending old and new styles of music into our worship style. Whether you are a fan of modern praise music, or more traditional hymns, Westmont seeks to sing both a diversity and variety of music that will help anyone sing out to God their faithful responses to God’s presence in our lives.

What do I wear?
We invite you to wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Westmont is usually a very relaxed setting. We do have a few members who regularly wear suits and ties. We also have some members that regularly wear jeans. Please come dressed in whatever you are most comfortable in so that you can spend your time with us focused on Christ and not how uncomfortable your clothes are.

What about my children?
At Westmont, we encourage families to worship in whatever way they feel most comfortable. All children are welcomed at Westmont. We offer Jr. Worship during our sermon time, when children can worship together in more age-friendly ways. Your children are welcomed to attend Jr. Worship if you and they are comfortable with that. If not, they are more than welcomed to sit with their parents for the entirety of our worship service. We love that you brought your children to church with you and encourage you to do whatever is most comfortable for your family. We will fully support you and your family!

What is Communion and Can I participate?
Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper and the Eucharist, is a reenactment of the last gathering Jesus had with his disciples before he faced the cross. At Westmont, all are invited to the Lord’s table. We believe that this time of remembrance and the openness of our table is central to our faith, worship, and witness to God’s Family and Kingdom.

Anyone who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior is invited to share in Communion with us. There is no requirement to be a part of our church, or any church. After our two presiders (those that lead us in this moment of worship) lead us in the story of Jesus at the table, the congregation will share in the partaking of the bread and juice. Servers will bring plates of bread and juice to you. You are invited to take a piece of bread and cup of juice and partake of them as you are ready. Many say a silent prayer before partaking of the elements.

Are you going to ask me for money?
Yes and No. We do include an offertory time to return to God part of the financial gifts that have been entrusted to each of our households. Some people give 10% of their resources (which is the biblical concept of a tithe), while others give whatever they are able. Some may give more to help the various ministries of Westmont Christian Church and God’s Kingdom. There are also moments in life when some cannot give. We encourage you to give as you are able in prayerful communication with God.

At Westmont, we encourage all who wish to be followers of Christ to enter into a practice of giving as soon as they are able. This giving is a spiritual discipline that should be entered into as a part of your relationship with Christ with much prayer and thought.